Title 17 Compliance Challenges?

Add Confidence to your Quality Control Tired of worrying about missing log books, non-compliant scanner dose excursions, or unannounced visits from state inspectors? ConfidentQCTM provides a simple yet robust solution for your organizations California Title 17 compliance needs. ConfidentQCTM presents your technicians, engineers, and department managers with a simplified view to track and control of all Fluoroscopic quality control activities through a customized web interface. ConfidentQCTM gives you fine-grained control over notifications around compliance testing and the ability to generate sophisticated reports detailing compliance activities.

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  • Headaches from sloppy paperwork?

    Most Health Systems and Radiology departments still have antiquated infrastructure requiring them to use paperwork and log books to comply with state regulations. Avoid the extra cost of all the audit pre-work, audit findings and penalties associated with poor or missing documentation. A much more cost effective and efficient solution is ConfidentQCTM

    TJC Sentinel Event Alert 47

    In 2011, The Joint Commission issued SEA 47 aimed at highlighting radiation risks in Radiology. As part of their recommended solutions, actions 14 and 16 suggested a centralized system for monitoring and safety and that QC testing be performed according to manufacturer recommendations. 4Lives Technologies' ConfidentQC is focused on providing solutions per the commission's recommendations. Let ConfidentQC provide you the confidence you deserve.

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    The solution to your QC Compliance troubles

    Let ConfidentQC provide you the confidence you deserve.